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Teiran Smith

Bestselling Author of Contemporary and New Adult Romance

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Gabriel - Book 3 in the Double H Romance Series




What the Heart Wants


Rooter - Double H Romance Book 1


Becoming Jace - Double H Romance Book 2


Gabriel - Double H Romance Book 3

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Rooter is an addictive book! I absolutely Love this read. The author did a fantastic job and makes you feel all the emotions and actions the characters feel. Amazing job Ms. Smith, I would give more star rating than 5☆ if it was possible. 

This book is undoubtedly one of the best I have ever read!! Suspense, drama, action, romance, this book has it all!! This is so unique, so...thrilling, that it has you eagerly turning the pages in search of more. A thriller, action, romance, suspense and drama, all rolled into an amazingly written book that captures many hearts.

WOW.... just WOW!! Never read this author before and gotta say .. I really liked it.

Great read. Can't wait for book two!

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Teiran is a bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance. She is currently living out her very own fairytale after reuniting with her first love after more than two decades apart. Together, along with her fluffy furbaby, Lada, they live in southwest Ohio, spending their days in a blissful haze of love.   


In addition to her passion for reading and writing she is an abstract artist. When she isn’t writing or reading, you will find her working in her art shop. A fervent supporter of animal rescue, Teiran donates a portion of her earnings each year to rescues as well as the ASPCA.

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