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Book Boyfriend Alert

If you are anything like me, you have a list of book boyfriends. My very first book boyfriend was Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster. Speaking of... I absolutely can't wait to see the movie when it's released here in the US.

Anyhow... I was talking to a friend about how I haven't come across any new book boyfriends in a while. It's probably been a year or more. I've read so many good books, but none of hero's quite earned the title. This friend is my go to for steamy reads when I'm in a slump and she never disappoints. She suggested I read Brutal Vows by J.T. Geissinger. I've read books by J.T. in the past and enjoyed them, so when I saw Brutal Vows was available to read free in Kindle Unlimited, I went for it. Holy shit I am so glad I did. I fell for Spider instantly! Let me tell you... I wouldn't mind going a couple of rounds with him lol. The man is H-O-T and just a little terrifying, but in the most delicious way.

I just finished reading Brutal Vows a couple days ago and absolutely couldn't wait to tell you all about it. It was released last April so there's a good chance you may have read it, but if not, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and read it now! Be sure to thank me later.


An Irish mobster with a brutal grudge.

An Italian mafia princess with a dark secret.

Two enemy empires joined in sacred marriage vows.

Let the hating games begin.


If this arrogant Irish mobster my brother sold my niece to thinks I’m going to play nice over this arranged marriage BS, he should think again.

I don’t care if this match with the Mob will make my brother capo of the Five Families.

I don’t care how much money, territory, or power it will gain us.

I especially don’t care that the Irishman is the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.

I won’t allow my innocent niece to suffer the same way I did.

Even if I have to kill him.


I’m supposed to marry sweet, beautiful Lili. So why can’t I stop thinking about her swamp witch of an aunt?

Reyna who hates me. Reyna who challenges me. Reyna with the guts of a Viking, the body of a fertility goddess, and the attitude of a feral cat.

Nothing good can come of what I’m feeling for a woman who’s not the one in the wedding contract I signed.

A woman I want so much, I’ll have to burn the whole world down to get.

If she doesn’t kill me first.

In keeping with the mafia romance trope, here are a couple more books you might enjoy.


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