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Hockey with Benefits Review

Hockey Benefits by Tijan. Steamy New Adult Sports Romance

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have surely heard of Tijan and probably even read some or all of her books. Once I learned about her a few years ago, she has become what I call an "Automatic read author." As soon as she releases a book, I get it and read it. I don't add it to my TBR pile. I read it immediately! As soon as Hockey with Benefits went live on March 7th, I snagged my copy. I bet I was the first purchase haha. I spent the past few days reading in between work, cleaning and taxes. This story is an absolute emotional roller coaster. I felt so many emotions! I was pulled in to the story from page one and had the hardest time putting it down. If I could have read it in one sitting, I would have! It is that damn good. 5 glorious stars from me!


Hockey with benefits. That was what Mara proposed, and I was down. She said no feelings and she meant it. Just benefits. No strings attached. Nothing else. Not even friendship. College was her escape, including us.

I didn't have time for a girlfriend. I had classes, the team, my family, and the game.

It was all working too…

Until somewhere down the line, things got messy. Until somehow we were dealing with threats, secrets, rivals, and so much more. Until I began to want her in ways that weren't part of the deal. Our agreement didn't just get checked into the wall, it got obliterated.

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