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Input Needed

I am seeking input on an idea that I have. What do you think about a romance only bookstore? Picture a quaint place filled with all your favorite romance stories. Comfy lounge chairs and sofas. A café serving coffee and pastries. Wine or adult beverages served at night and during book club meetings with others who love the same books as you. Occasional author meet and greets. Instead of music, there will be steamy audiobooks being streamed. No kids allowed... This is an adult place. Maybe even a section where you can pick up an adult toy.

My dream has always been to have a romance niche bookstore, but I'm not sure if any bookstore is viable today. Do you buy physical books? If you're like me, the majority of books I read are on a tablet or Kindle. But I purchase paperbacks of my favorite books. I actually prefer real books over eBooks, but the digital format is just so convenient. So be honest, would you go to a romance themed bookstore like the one I described? If yes, how often? Is there anything about the concept that you like? Anything you would add or change about my idea? Or do you think it's a nice idea, but probably not viable? Send me your feedback.

As always here is my round up of steamy romance recs! No specific theme this week. Just a few books I've recently enjoyed.


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