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Merry Christmas

I absolutely cannot believe Christmas is upon us already. Where did the year go? I guess I was so busy creating this new, wonderful life of mine that it seemingly went by in the blink of an eye.

I wish I could say it's been all great. The sad news is, my mom passed away two days ago. I wasn't made aware of how dire her situation was until two weeks ago, per her request. She didn't want to be a burden, knowing everything I have going on. As sad as I am, I'm thankful to have spent every day of the past two weeks by her side. I'm also thankful that her suffering has ended. Nevertheless, it's a surreal experience to watch the woman who brought me into the world, slowly drift out of it. I can't put it to words, nor do I care to try. Tonight I will host a small gathering of family for Christmas dinner. Everyone said they still want to do it. We can all use a little cheer. I haven't had time nor the inclination to plan an extravagant holiday meal. Instead, I'm making pasta. At least it's not jarred sauce haha. I'm putting forth some effort and making my own. Thankfully, my family is easygoing and are just grateful that we can all be together for a few hours. Tomorrow, I have no plans. I told my boyfriend I want to spend the entire day in bed watching movies and snuggling with him and the dog. He is all too happy to grant my request, but that's nothing new. He's pretty laidback and always happy to do things that make me happy. I don't take many lazy days in bed. Usually only when I am sick. Christmas Day seems like a good day to take it easy and relax. The work and chores will still be there on the 26th. For those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas! And since I likely won't post again until after the Holidays, I also wish you a Happy New Year!

Here are a few Christmas romance recommendations. I haven't read them yet, but they are in my TBR pile to be read during my holiday break.


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