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My Year of Happiness

On this day a year ago, I officially left my ex-husband and our unhealthy, toxic relationship. On this day one year ago, I reclaimed control of my life and established my independence. On this day last year, I stopped living a life of imprisonment. I should probably clarify that last part, though. He didn't physically hold me captive. BUT... our entire life, our home and relationship dynamic was of his choosing. We lived the life he insisted on living. He chose the what, where, when, how... I had no say. I was expected to be happy with whatever he chose. His wants, his needs, his goals, his dreams, his career... those were the things that mattered and if mine clashed or required any compromise on his behalf, they were tossed out the window. In my marriage, I didn't matter outside of being subservient. Then of course there was the drinking, partying with his shady friends, and lest we forget the inappropriate behavior and secret relationships with other women. Except, it wasn't so secret. He was such a rookie haha. But by the time all that came to light, he had already lost me. It's been one full year of freedom. One full year of living MY life MY way. I will be honest, I'm not as far along as I believed I would be. I'm not as settled as I figured I'd be. Nevertheless, I am happy. I am safe. I am comfortable. And best of all, I am no longer tiptoeing through a minefield waiting for the next explosion. I am no longer in trouble everyday. I'm no longer walking on eggshells everyday. I am free to be me without reprisal. Overall, it's been a great year. I made the right decision. And the icing on the cake??? Many of you already know... I reunited with my first love. But that's a story for another post. Let's just say, fairytales are real.

In celebration of my newfound happiness, independence, and LOVE here are some steamy romances following the theme of finding love while starting over.

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04 de mar. de 2023

I just want to say, congratulation. Having been in the very same situation myself, it is very freeing to when you finally get away from a situation like that. Scary but so liberating!

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